Fun for Kids and Parents

Penguin Foaming Dispenser for our Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser

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Hey Kids... my name is Peggy

I am a Penguin foaming dispenser and work best with
'Good Hygiene'. Hand Sanitiser.
I will look after your hands and once I'm empty you can refill my belly.
I come from a large Family and I have lots of Brothers and Sisters.
They look as cute... as me!
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Here are my Mum & Dad.
As we get older our eyes and buttons get darker - but that is OK. They have been in service many years and still work fine.
I love my Mum & Dad
I like you and I look after your small delicate hands with my foam and protect you for many hours while you play.

I now have to talk to Mummy and Daddy so they know where to buy me and how to feed me. They must also know what I use to protect you - but that is all for grown-ups

You can help later and Mummy will show you how to feed me. I want to be your best friend - forever!
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Hey Mum, Dad 

For some important information you as a parent must know

For our Children:

PEGGY Penguin Foaming & Refill Bottle Combination       $75.00

Also available as:

'Good Hygiene'  Lotion Pump $29.85

'Good Hygiene'  Foam Pump  $29.85  

'Good Hygiene'  Refill Bottle  $29.85