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   A Hand Sanitizer that gives you more than 4+ hours      Protection

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We are proud to announce a new development in Hand Sanitisation. The product is ALCOHOL FREE & dispensed via a foam/lotion pump. The resulting foam is easy to spread on hands and dries just as quick as an alcohol sanitiser. The active ingredient (Quaternary ammonium compound) will kill 99.9% of Bacteria & Germs for up to 4 HOURS, unlike an alcohol sanitiser which does NOT kill bacteria & germs when the alcohol has evaporated.


My Health A-Z "Good Hygiene" Foam/Lotion contains Aloe Vera which has a beneficial effect on the skin. It has a fresh & gentle  aromatique  ceder-wood odour while the product is drying.

Foam / Lotion Pump 500ml     $29.85

Refill     500ml                             $29.85


  1. Alcohol based sanitisers will only kill bacteria & germs while the alcohol is on the skin. Once the alcohol evaporates it does not kill bacteria & germs.

  2. Alcohol defats the skin. In a small percentage of the population this can cause skin irritation and rashes.

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