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Hey Mum/Dad,

do your children have dry, itchy hands from alcohol based Sanitisers?



There is a better way


The only Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser that Forms a Protective Barrier for many hours

The best Protection You Can

 Give Your Children

Here is some important information you as a parent must know


  1. Alcohol-based sanitisers will only kill bacteria & germs while the alcohol is on the skin. Once the alcohol evaporates it does not kill bacteria & germs.

  2. Alcohol de-fats the skin. In a small percentage of the population, this causes skin irritation and rashes.

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Added Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C and it is highly anti-inflammatory and has soothing, moisturising, and cooling properties.

Who is it good for?

Small delicate hands need long-term protection and therefore makes 'Good Hygiene' ideal for Child Care and Early Learning Centers, Schools, Universities, even Retirement, and Aged Care Facilities.

'Good Hygiene' is an

Alcohol-Free, Foam / Lotion

Hand Sanitiser that forms a

protective barrier & lasts

longer than 4 hours, unlike alcohol-based sanitisers that do no longer offer protection once the alcohol evaporates.

People with allergic reactions to alcohol sanitisers will benefit greatly from 'Good Hygiene' as well as religious groups that can not and/or are forbidden to use alcoholic sanitisers.

In addition 'Good Hygiene' has a pleasant Aromatique Orange/Cedar scent - another differentiation to normal hand sanitisers.  You will Love it!

'Good Hygiene' Alcohol-Free Barrier Forming Foam / Lotion Hand Sanitiser.

So What Is It?

Our Penguin Foam Dispenser hold 150ml of 'Good Hygiene' and can be refilled several times. 'Good Hygiene' must not be diluted to achieve lasting protection for hours.

Do not rinse!


Non- Sticky.

Fill up to AIR Level 80%
with 'Good Hygiene'.
Do not Dilute with Water.

All our ingredients are Australian Made and the product is registered with

Australian Made Campaign Limited.

We are currently offering the Penguin Foam Dispenser with a 500ml Fill/Refill bottle as a combination. (Sorry, can not be purchased separately)

Also available as Lotion Pump, Foam Pump, and a Refill bottle for those that have automatic dispensers.

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Free Shipping - Australia Wide!
For our Children:

PEGGY Foaming Penguin & Refill Bottle Combination       $75.00

Also available as:

'Good Hygiene'  Lotion Pump  $29.85

'Good Hygiene'  Foam Pump    $29.85  

'Good Hygiene'  Refill Bottle     $29.85